The Best Seasons for Exterior Home Painting: Insights from PaintMaster Services’ Home Painters

Does your home need a facelift? Painting the exterior of your home can provide your house with a refreshed look while increasing weather protection and curb appeal. However, not every day is a good day to paint. Throughout the year, there are prime seasons for exterior projects. Today, we will walk you through the seasons and discuss when’s the best time to paint your home. Let’s dive in!

The Impact of Seasons on Exterior Painting

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If you are planning an exterior painting project for your home, you must schedule around the seasons. Unlike interior painting, which you can do at any time, each season brings a unique set of challenges to exterior paint projects. Let’s dive in to discuss the pros and cons of each season.


Spring is typically the second-best season for exterior painting projects due to its mild temperatures and low humidity. Unfortunately, spring is frequently a time of abundant rain. This unpredictability can make it challenging to ensure that projects are completed and dry before it rains again, as most exterior projects need two to three days to set fully. 

If you plan to paint in the spring, we recommend booking as late into the season as possible before it gets too warm and being flexible with your painters, as they may have to modify the schedule to fit the weather. 


In many places throughout the country, summer is ideal for exterior painting projects as there is minimal rain and warmer temperatures. It can make the paint drying process quick and efficient. However, if you are in an area that suffers from high humidity, like we do in the Tri-Cities, summer quickly becomes the worst season to paint as the paint can’t cure correctly. 

If you suffer from humidity but must paint in the summer, we recommend painting in the early mornings or late afternoon to avoid the peak heat. 


Autumn is considered the best season for home painters to tackle exterior projects. With stable temperatures, clear skies, and minimal humidity, it allows painting projects to be handled quickly and the paint to dry to a perfect finish. 

However, there are two things to keep in mind when scheduling in autumn. First, the days are getting shorter, so you can expect your crews to arrive with the sun to ensure they get the most out of the daylight. Second, once frosts set in, you’ve officially switched over to winter painting problems. Therefore, aiming for early autumn is the best option. 


Similar to summer, winter has a long list of painting concerns. First is temperature; most paints have a strict temperature range, so the paint won’t apply correctly if it is too cold. Second is precipitation: rain, snow, sleet, and even frost can prevent a painting project. So, while you can technically perform exterior painting projects in the winter, we recommend waiting for spring and focusing on interior painting instead!

The Best Season for Exterior Painting in the Tri-Cities, WA

Every location will have a different recommendation on the ideal season to paint, depending on the unique characteristics of the climate. We highly recommend scheduling exterior painting in the Tri-Cities during early autumn or late spring. 

Early autumn and late spring in the Tri-Cities offer the perfect balance of clear weather, minimized humidity, and ideal temperatures. If you can schedule your home painters during this time, it is your best option. 

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While painting in the summer is possible in the Tri-Cities, we don’t recommend it. Our high temperatures and humidity don’t allow painting projects to dry properly. Similarly, winter presents freezing temperatures and precipitation concerns. Therefore, we don’t recommend either of these seasons for exterior painting unless the weather is exceptionally mild or you have no alternative. 

How to Plan for Your Painting Project

Planning an exterior painting project is no small feat. We recommend booking for an ideal season as far out as possible. Not only does it secure one of those coveted spots, but it also allows you to communicate effectively with your painters and prepare your home without feeling rushed. 

In terms of communication, you will want to work with your home painters to secure all the required materials beforehand, determine your colors and styles, and tackle any home preparation before they get there. 

Keep in mind that preparing your home’s exterior can take some time. This involves cleaning surfaces, making necessary repairs, and removing any obstructions that might hinder the painting process.

Once you get closer to the project date, it will be time to check the weather forecast. If you see that the weather is going to be exceptionally bad during your scheduled time, don’t hesitate to contact your home painters for advice on how to reschedule appropriately. 

On the day of the project, we recommend ensuring everything is prepared so the painters can streamline the process. Your home painters will give you guidelines on what to do, such as removing decorations from walls or letting children know to stay away. 

Lastly, don’t forget about maintaining your painting project after it’s complete. This will involve conducting regular inspections for any signs of wear, addressing issues with touch-ups, and cleaning the painted surfaces gently to remove dirt and grime. This type of seasonal maintenance will ensure your home remains vibrant and protected year-round.

The Benefits of Hiring Local Professional Home Painters

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Does the thought of painting an entire house fill you with dread? In most cases, exterior painting projects are not DIY tasks. Not only do they take extensive time and technique to perform, but they can be dangerous for those who are inexperienced at navigating ladders to hard-to-reach places while balancing paint and tools. 

By hiring professional home painters, you can rest assured that your project will be completed successfully, quickly, safely, and above board. 

For more information on the benefits of hiring a professional for exterior painting, please read our previous blog where we delve deep in the details.

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