Industrial Coatings

Industrial Painting Services

Our expertise in industrial coatings allowed us to create a new sister company, Columbia Industrial Coatings, focused entirely on the industrial side of painting!

At Columbia Industrial Coatings we recommend the best preparation, primer, and topcoat to meet the needs of our clients and application of the part!

If you are interested in any type of industrial painting services please contact us or visit the Columbia Industrial Coatings website. We would be happy to discuss how we can best assist you with your industrial painting needs.

At Columbia Industrial Coatings, the work we do represents the utmost in quality, technical precision, project support, service delivery, and experience. And we always do jobs right the first time.

industrial painting project by Columbia Industrial Coatings
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We create vibrant and inviting spaces.

Everyone loves to have a beautifully painted home that is not only warm and inviting but lasts.

We create inviting spaces that will elevate your place of business or building with quality painting services.

We take pride in the workmanship that is put into every job and stand behind our work without exception.