Commercial Painting Services

Licensed Commercial Painting in Tri-Cities

At Paintmaster Services, we are the painting solution for your commercial project!

From retail space, new construction, to annual building maintenance, our experienced, courteous staff of licensed painters will ensure that your commercial painting job will be completed on time and gives your business the professional look it needs and deserves.

Whether you need painting services for a single unit, or a large commercial complex, at Paintmaster Services, we will fulfill the project requirements within your budget.

Professional Commercial Painting Services

Commercial painting is much like residential in the sense that paint creates an atmosphere. It is through that atmosphere that many companies try to convey a little about themselves and how they would like to represent their company; fun, unique, and quirky or professional and streamlined.

Whatever it is that you would like to convey we can help you get there through the use of paint and wallcovering if you choose. Uniformity is important, our paint experts make sure that the quality of the paint, as well as the application, is consistent. We fill nail holes and provide any type of surface prep needed to ensure an overall professional outcome.

Hire an Experienced Paint Contractor!

There is no substitute for attention to detail and precision. We understand what that means and provide our customers with the satisfaction and assurance that we can provide both in a timely and cost-effective way.

We do not compromise on the quality of work that we provide because we know and understand what it means to represent your company through the work that you provide. Our quality is our signature and the mark that we leave behind when our crew has done their job.

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Elevate your space with professional wallcovering with Paintmaster Services. 

We provide our clients with high-quality workmanship and attention to detail in every project, catering to residential facilities, retail, the hospitality industry, and commercial spaces.

Share your vision with us and we will make it a reality!


With over 45 years of professional painting experience, we've mastered the business of providing professional quality painting services in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas.


Always keeping an emphasis on quality has earned us an outstanding reputation. We back every job with a satisfaction guarantee.


Our family owned business spans two generations of professional painters. We believe in building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with both our customers and our employees.