Why Wintertime is the Best Time to Hire an Interior Painter

Most people think of winter as a time to stay inside, get cozy, and hunker down for the colder weather. Due to this, many homeowners put off home improvement projects until the warmer months. Painting the exterior of your home might not be manageable in cold weather. However, if you’re fully hibernating during winter, you’re missing out on the best time to hire an interior painter for your house! Why not channel that energy into booking a home revamp by hiring a trusted pro?

hire an interior painter for the winter

The 6 Reasons to Hire an Interior Painter This Winter

Repainting can completely change the look of your space, breathe new life into your rooms, or help prepare your home for sale in the spring. Hiring a professional interior painter for your painting needs can save you time, come with personalized recommendations, and deliver a better product. Luckily, wintertime is the best time to do this – read on to find out why!

1. Off-Season Pricing

Cost is one of the primary driving factors of home improvement projects. Painting can be inexpensive when you do it yourself, but mistakes are inevitable without a steady hand and become costly to fix. Hiring an interior painter is well worth the cost – but did you know they also come at a discount? Winter is the least demanding time for professional painting services due to the widespread misconception that it is an undesirable time for the craft. So, most professionals are slow at this time of year. Painters often offer deals in the winter that are unheard of in warmer months to keep themselves consistently booked throughout the season. Booking painting projects in advance for wintertime can also earn you a discount!

2. Flexible Availability

As previously stated, demand for interior painters slows during wintertime. This means that most painters can be more flexible in their schedules. If you have a rush job or a last-minute request, winter is the time to ask! Painters are much more likely to be able to fulfill these requests and work on your timetable. Not only is the demand slower on the interior side, but painters are also not completing exterior work during this time. The weather is too cold to labor in, and the temperature is usually below the recommended level for paint compounds to perform at their best. This frees up more time for professionals to focus on interior projects, allowing you a better chance of getting on their calendars.

3. The Best Dry Times

When there is more moisture in the air, the paint dries slower. This means the higher the humidity, the more time you have to wait before living in your house again. This is yet another reason why winter is the ideal time to hire an interior painter. Colder, drier air leads to lower humidity levels and faster dry times. This means fewer potential smudges, nicks, and imperfections from slow-drying paint. Quick dry times also mean the toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in most paint will offload faster as the paint dries, ultimately meaning your home becomes safer more quickly. 

4. The Spring Resale Market

Spring is the most common time to list a home on the real estate market. You might want to consider ways to refresh your space a little bit if you are considering selling your house. Real estate agents and buyers often want a turnkey property, and a fresh coat of paint can help achieve this vision. Investing in hiring an interior painter can increase the likelihood of the sale of your home. 

5. A New Look for the Holidays

The wintertime is synonymous with the holiday season. The first touch of fall weather brings pumpkin-spiced lattes and Halloween, leading into Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. No matter what you believe, the holidays are a time for celebration and gathering. This likely means you will have friends and family over for festivities. So why continue to put off that paint job? Hire an interior painter to refresh your space before your big events this winter! 

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6. A Change Can Lift Your Mood

Winter brings cold temperatures and much shorter days. We live in a lot more darkness and rarely can spend time outdoors. Ultimately, this can significantly affect nearly everybody’s mood, even if we don’t realize it. After a few weeks, we all start to get a bit of cabin fever. You can combat this by making changes around your house! Hiring an interior painter to switch up your aesthetic can be just what you need to pull out of a winter rut. Changing your home’s vibe can do wonders to improve your seasonal blues!

One Point to Remember: Proper Ventilation

Although winter is truly the best time of year for interior painting, there is one challenge – ventilation. Even when it is less humid and colder outside, you still need to be able to ventilate the inside of your house after painting to help rid the space of the fresh paint smell and toxic gasses that offload as the paint dries. Natural ventilation is challenging in winter as it forces you to let cold air into your house. To combat this factor, remember to have fans set up and ready to go to disperse the paint fumes. Also, choose a low to no-toxicity paint to minimize the level of fumes in the air. 

why winter is the best time to hire an interior painter

How Paint Master Services Can Help

Are you thinking of painting the interior of your home this winter? Paint Master Services is here to help! Our years of experience in the Tri-Cities, Washington, area means we are experts at painting during the cold winter months. We can tackle any interior painting project and help you turn your home into your dream space! Visit our website to get a free estimate for interior residential house painting. Let the pros take care of your interior during the winter!

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