Why should you get your cabinets painted by painting experts?

Kitchen, bathroom, and garage cabinets sustain far more abuse throughout the years than homeowners tend to expect. Just think of how often your kitchen cabinets are opened by sticky fingers, banged shut when your hands are full, or get nicked in some way throughout the week alone, let alone after a decade or more! While cabinets are designed to sustain substantial “love,” the paint will eventually wear away or become dirty and dingy. 

If your cabinets are starting to look a little worse for wear, an easy way to spruce them up is to paint them. For those crafty homeowners with excellent painting skills and experience, it is possible to DIY an interior cabinet painting project (link to “Interior Painting Tips to Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets”). However, if you are new to DIY painting projects, interior cabinet painting isn’t as simple as putting paint on a brush. Today, we share with you why you should get expert cabinet painting rather than doing it on your own. 

 Professional Interior Cabinet painting

Painting Takes a LOT of Time

Interior cabinet painting isn’t as simple as slapping on some paint; boom, you’re done. Nope! When completing a painting project, there are multiple, time-consuming, meticulous steps to follow. 

First, you have to do the shopping. You will need the appropriate paint, primer, brushes, and assistance materials. 

Second, you have to prep your cabinets. You never want to paint over gunk or nicks because it will show up under the new paint. Therefore, you will need to clean and possibly sand them down until you have a surface ready to be painted. 

Third, you will either need to remove your cabinets from the wall or tape every edge that connects to a wall, ceiling, or other non-cabinet features to prevent a mistake from causing paint to be where it shouldn’t be. 

Fourth, you will have to paint every surface of your cabinets, inside and out, with a minimum of two layers, although three coats are typically recommended if you want a premier look.

Finally, you have to let it dry for at least a week. While you can rehang them after 48 hours, you must be extremely careful the rest of the week. Depending on the paint and the cabinet material, the cabinets could take up to 30 days to cure completely. You will likely end up scratching or chipping your newly painted work if you are impatient and attempt to rehang or use them early.

That certainly sounds like far too much effort for the average homeowner who has to balance work, life, and other chores. Most people save money by hiring an expert cabinet painting service rather than wasting their time doing it themselves. That time could instead be spent working (making more money than you would have saved), spending time with loved ones, or doing something you love. There is no need to become “that person” who is always working on their home!

Painting Equipment is Expensive

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting near me

Often when people think of interior cabinet painting projects, they believe all you will need is a paintbrush and the paint. Nope again! The average painting project requires not only paint but multiple brushes, painting trays, painter’s tape, rollers, roller cages, and any tool you may need to clean or sand your cabinets before painting. These items aren’t cheap, and costs can quickly add up. Plus, if you decide you want to spray your cabinets rather than paint them by hand, you will need the equipment to remove your cabinets from the wall and buy or rent a paint sprayer. 

Investing in this equipment is not a cost-effective choice for homeowners who do not regularly complete painting projects. They save more money by hiring expert cabinet painting professionals as these services already have all the equipment they need on hand as a part of their service. 

Interior Cabinet Painting Isn’t Easy

Painting is an art form, even with something as utilitarian as interior cabinet painting. To complete a beautiful project takes skill, experience, patience, and a steady hand. Most homeowners do not have all four qualities or highly overestimate their capabilities. Homeowners often take a stab at completing the project themselves, only to find that their brushstrokes were uneven, their lines weren’t clean, or they completely missed a spot. Then, every time they look at their cabinets, all they see are the flaws.  

You will receive a fabulous project when you hire an expert cabinet painting service. These individuals spend their lives painting, so you never have to worry about flaws mucking up your interior aesthetic. 

Interior Cabinet Painting with PaintMaster

Do you want to repaint your cabinets without the time, hassle, or effort of doing it yourself? Paintmaster’s team of painters provides top-quality interior and exterior residential and commercial painting services to the Tri-Cities, WA, area. We bring experience, reliability, and high-quality products and services to every project. You can rest assured that your cabinets will be transformed to look brand new while fitting perfectly into your planned aesthetic. For more information on our interior cabinet painting services, please complete our contact form to receive your free estimate

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