Kitchen Cabinet Painting FAQ

FAQs: Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Paintmaster Services specializes in providing professional painting services for residential and commercial clients. In addition to Kitchen Cabinet Painting, our services include interior and exterior painting, wall and ceiling painting, as well as minor repairs and prep work.

Paintmaster Services uses the highest quality paints that are designed to withstand regular use. Our paints include high quality acrylic-alkyd paints that provide a long lasting durable finish.

At the start of our kitchen cabinet painting, we begin with a thorough examination of your kitchen cabinets. Our next step involves preparing the cabinets for repainting, which includes a comprehensive cleaning exercise to eliminate any unwanted particles that could hinder the makeover process, sanding where necessary to attain a uniformly sanded surface and coating them in high-quality primer. To guarantee an impeccable end-product finish, we opt to apply paint using hand brushing methods. Once painting is complete, we undertake hardware reinstallation procedures while ensuring meticulous attention is observed during every step until everything appears perfect once more.

The time it takes to complete the project depends on how many cabinets are involved, how complicated the task is and what the customer requires. Usually though, we aim to finish within a day or two whilst making sure that your home life isn't seriously disrupted. We work as fast as possible while keeping quality always in mind.

kitchen cabinet painting FAQ by Paintmaster Services

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