How Often Should I Repaint the Interior or Exterior of My Building?

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Paint is one of the first things people notice about a building, but it’s also one that people tend to forget about when considering maintenance! Most people only think of repainting their building once problems become obvious, like when the paint starts to crack or peel off the walls. However, for everyone maintaining a commercial space, it’s essential to keep up a professional appearance and have your building looking spick-and-span. So, how often should you consider commercial painting? 

Commercial Painting General Facts

The general consensus for when to repaint falls between every three and ten years, but there are many factors to take into consideration. Climate, surface type, and paint quality can drastically change these estimates. It’s reasons like these that make it worthwhile to hire a professional commercial painter, especially when considering your business! After all, how your building looks leaves a big impression on both employees and customers. 

It’s important to remember that there are no perfect timelines for how often to paint, but there are some key tips to keep in mind. As a rule, high-traffic spaces are going to need repainting more often than low-traffic areas. Additionally, rooms that see regular use will need touch-ups or repainting more often than less-used rooms. For outside spaces, keep in mind the weather and general climate. Buildings in locations with extreme weather or harsher climates may need commercial exterior painting or treatment more often. 

Commercial Interior Painting  

Interior spaces will generally need more frequent painting because people spend a lot of time inside, and these areas will see the most day-to-day usage. Fortunately, you can utilize your commercial interior painting planning schedule as a way to keep up with changing trends. Regular painting is an easy way to update an otherwise dated space without having to make any major renovations. If you want a commercial space to look modern and chic, one of the quickest ways is to freshen up the paint job! 

Planning to paint the interior of your building can sound daunting, but if you consider what rooms actually need more frequent attention, it becomes much more manageable. Places like kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways see a lot more wear and tear and will need to be freshened up more frequently as a result. It would be best to consider which surfaces get touched the most, such as walls with light switches. Plus, baseboards tend to need repainting more frequently since they are prone to getting scuffs and scratches. For rooms that see less traffic or use, such as large meeting or board rooms, you can expect your paint to last much longer. 

To extend the lifetime of your paint, it’s vital to ensure that you buy the right product for the job. For kitchens and bathrooms, it can be especially important to use the right kind of paint. If you want to avoid costly repairs, a durable waterproof paint is the safest bet. Even with a higher quality paint, you should expect to repaint restrooms and kitchens every three to five years. If you ever notice that your paint is flaking, cracking, or bubbling, you should call a professional, as this can be a sign of problems like rot

If you are considering commercial interior painting, it can pay off to consult a professional. They will be able to give you the best advice on products and proper care for each space in your building.

Commercial Exterior Painting 

The outside of your building can be just as important as the inside. It gives people their first impression of your business or home, and having a good paint job can be just as crucial as having good landscaping. Commercial exterior painting can be a little more tricky than interior painting since there are more factors that determine how often you should paint.

One consideration for commercial exterior painting is material. Depending on the surface you are painting, you can wildly change the life expectancy of your paint. More durable surfaces like brick or cement can go without needing new paint for up to fifteen years. Surfaces more prone to wear or damage, like wood, may need to be painted as often as every three years. 

Location and climate also play a major role in how long your paint will last. Exterior walls that see more sunlight will be prone to fading quicker than walls that spend more time in the shade. If you are located in an area with harsher sun or longer days, you can expect your paint to fade faster than a building in a location with less sun. An easy way to mitigate this problem is to choose the right colors and types of paint. Lighter hues will generally last longer before they start to noticeably fade and are an excellent choice for sunny locales! 

Choose Paintmaster for Your Commercial Painting

While it can be challenging to pin down exactly how often you should expect to repaint, by keeping in mind all the factors above and choosing the right paint and people for the job you can remove some of the stress! Keeping your paint looking nice is a surefire way of making the best impression and minimizing unwanted repairs. If you are interested in commercial painting, get a free estimate for commercial building painting at Paintmaster Inc. 

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