What to Consider When Hiring a Professional Painter

what to consider when hiring professional painters

Your home’s interior and exterior should be painted every 5-10 years, depending on the wear, paint quality, and surface type…

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An excellent paint job can be one of the easiest ways to transform your home or refresh your space. Your home’s interior and exterior should be painted every 5-10 years, depending on the wear, paint quality, and surface type. Seeing how the average American home measures upwards of 2300 square feet, painting can be a daunting task. Hiring a professional painter can help you tackle any painting project and leave your home feeling newer and fresher. However, there are several things to consider when looking for a painter – read on for our list of top tips!

Know What Painting Project You Want

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It’s easier to find a painter when you can define what you want…

The first step to hiring a professional painter is figuring out what you want. First, is your project on a small scale, just a room or two, or large scale covering the whole house? Second, will you have intricate detail work? Do you desire faux finishes or other more intricate decorative painting? Do you have multiple surface types, such as a fireplace, brick wall, or cabinets?

It is easier to find a painter to meet your needs when you can define what you want. The first question that a contractor or painter will have for you is about the scope of your project – what you want and need. Having these answers ready and a clear vision of your project is imperative to begin hiring a professional painter.

Finally, having an idea of your budget is vital when hiring a painting company or freelancer painter. Pricing varies from tradesman to tradesman or company to company. Not everyone will give you the same estimates, but you should have an idea going into the hiring process of what you are willing to pay and what you are not to ensure everyone’s time is valued. Try the painting project budget calculator to get a rough idea of your potential budget.

Set Preferred Deadlines for your Painting Project

Deciding on a timeline for your project and communicating your deadlines to potential hires is vital.

After you know what you want, you need to figure out when you want it. Choosing which professional painter or service to hire can be as simple as which person or company can complete your project in the time frame you desire. Deciding on a timeline for your project and communicating your deadlines to potential hires is vital.

Subsequently, you must select a professional painter who can meet your chosen deadline. Keep in mind that it may be difficult to hire a painter with short notice in the current labor and supply markets, especially for large projects. When potential companies come out for a consultation, be sure that they can accommodate your deadline and that you put it into the contract. Also, remember to ask what their policy is if they cannot get it done on time and how they will communicate that with you.

Check References and Past Work of Painters

In most businesses, it is not about what you know; it is about who you know. Although painting does take expertise, great professional painters usually grow their business through word of mouth. The best way to hire a painter is to ask others. If you have a friend or family member whose interiors you admire, ask them for a referral to their painting contact. You will know in advance the quality of work you will receive. It also can help you hire someone you feel comfortable with that comes with a trusted reference.

When hiring a professional painter without a personal recommendation, it is necessary to inquire about their references and past work. Essential considerations about their painting skills include attention to detail, touch-ups, and their ability to clean up. All painters worthy of hiring should provide an in-home consultation before they begin your project and have processes in place to protect your floors, furniture, and possessions during painting. Finally, assessing a painter’s professionalism is crucial. Remember that a professional painter will be in your home all day for quite some time, and they need to conduct themselves in both a professional and trustworthy manner.

Ensure the Best Paint Material is Being Used

If you are hiring a professional painter, you want to make sure they are using the proper materials. When paying for a professional job, your painter should be using professional-grade materials and paint. To ensure you have the best paint for your project, check out the top-rated interior paints of 2022. You may not need to splurge for the highest ticket item, but a good painter should be recommending some of the products on this list.

However, a great paint job isn’t just about the paint – it is about the quality of brushes, rollers, and other materials as well. Ensure that your potential painters use high-capacity roller covers instead of cheap, single-use roller covers. Chinex bristle brushes stand out as some of the best brush materials available. Also, make sure your professional painter uses rollers with poles, not just handles, for a more even coat. Cutting in tools can also be helpful, especially for rooms with lots of edging.

Verify Painters Warranty and Painters Insurancepaintmaster professional painters

When signing a contract to work with a professional painter, you should always include a complete paint warranty.

It is essential to ask what kind of warranty a painter offers, as most issues such as peeling arise within the first year of painting. Two to three-year warranties are popular as well. However long it might be, make sure it is detailed in writing.

Additionally, your painter or company must have Workmen’s Compensation to protect themselves and their workers and protect you from liability. Although costly, this can prohibit onsite injuries from coming back to bite you. They also must have Comprehensive Business Liability insurance to protect your home in case it is damaged in the process of their work. At least one million-dollar limit in coverage should suffice.

Get a Free Estimate with Paintmaster Services

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